13 Haunted Hotels Around the World That You Would Totally Want to Check Into

The world is full of different-looking hotels. Some of them feature bright, lively colors, while some others prefer to be dark and vibey. The list below includes 13 hotels that give the impression of being haunted. We cannot exactly confirm whether they’re haunted or not, but they surely do give a gothic vibe.

Scroll down below and let us know what you think!

1. Chateau Marmont

photo by erica pelosini

2. St. Pancras Renaissance

3. Zero George

4. Hotel Danieli

5. The Chicago Athletic Association

6. The Fontevraud Hotel

7. L’Hotel

8. Bauer Il Palazzo


9. Hotel Costes

10. Dar Darma

11. The Palace Hotel

12. Sextantio Le Grotte

13. The London Edition

Now, tell us: Are you brave enough to stay at one of these spots?

HT: Camille Styles

Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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