Steampunk Master Recycles Old Farm Equipment Into Spectacular Animal Sculptures

Article dedicated to Steampunk Animal Sculptures

John Lopez Short Bio, Master of Steampunk Animal Sculptures

Sculptor John Lopez is a product of a place he has made lots of Steampunk Animal Sculptures. His people’s ranches are scattered along the Grand River in northwestern South Dakota—not far from where Sitting Bull was born and died on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Not far from where thousands of buffalo were killed during the westward expansion of settlers and gold miners. In the boneyards of Tyrannosaurus rex and grizzly bears. Since farmers and ranchers populated this chunk of reservation land, real cowboys have been roping and branding and sheering and haying and harvesting.

John Lopez

John’s own forte lies in gentling colts and perfecting their bloodlines—and he started his celebration of them by sculpting in clay. Capturing every nuance, every muscle, in this land where the business is still conducted over a cup of coffee and “neighboring” is a way of life. Somehow that way of life—where times seems to have stood still—has seen the transition from horsepower to vehicles. The rusted carcasses of discarded equipment stand testament to generations of labor. And the man who knows bloodlines have picked through them, choosing the elements of the past—the actual implements that plowed the soil or cut the grain or dug the dinosaur—and created the curve of a jaw, the twitch of a tail, the power of a shoulder.

John’s work reflects generations of a life that’s fading into history. It’s a life lived in barns and grain elevators, workshops and pastures. It’s the life of the land he loves.

Recent Work Of John Lopez

Wolf – Steampunk Animal Sculptures

Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota is the home of the Wolves. This life-size wolf sculpture is fabricated from cut steel and permanently installed on NSU’s campus.

John Lopez WORK
John Lopez WORK


Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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