33 Bookshelf Inserts That Book Lovers Will Absolutely Adore!

It is said that you can’t judge a book by its cover.  Whoever has said that, has certainly not taken into consideration the case when the cover alone can tell you the whole story. Below, you can find a whole new world of book nooks where creativity runs wild!

These book nooks will definitely drive you to give yourself a tiny bit of an upgrade.  Take a look at some of the most inspiring book nooks of r/booknooks subreddit that prove that one can never run out of imagination!

#1 This Book Nook My Mother Got On eBay

#2 A Magical Bookshop In Your Own Bookshelf

#3 I Made A Booknook For A Christmas Gift, My Inspiration Was Blade Runner. It’s 11″ X 6″

#4 Hobbit Hole

#5 I Absolutely Love This One

#6 Design, Print And Paint A Small Shelf To Decorate Shelves

#7 Made My First Booknook! A Double Wide Endor Inspired Wilderness Piece

#8 Old Italy Book Nook

#9 Diagon Alley Booknook

#10 Witch Is Watching You

#11 My First Attempt!

#12 An American Werewolf In My Bookshelf

#13 Warhammer-Style Booknook

#14 Star Wars Themed Hallway Is Complete

#15 Diagon Alley Inspired Booknook

#16 Small Alley In Bookshelf

#17 Finishing Up A Few Booknooks

#18 Japanese Alley

#19 Dare You Enter The Doors Of Durin And Face The Long Dark Of Moria?

#20 Fantasy Booknook

#21 First Book Nook – A Fairy Door In The Forest!

#22 Early Attempt At An Amsterdam Nook

#23 I Was Told This Sub My Like This Christmas Present I’ve Made For My Siblings: Diagon Alley!

#24 Creature From The Black Lagoon Bookshelf Monster

#25 A Fabulous Booknook

#26 Made A Booknook Based On Opensource Model

#27 My Updated Booknook

#28 I Designed And Printed My Own Book Nook

#29 Dr. Lloyd Kranio Bookshelf Monster

#30 A Booknook Inspired By Les Miserables

#31 “Japanese Style Booknook” By Jods

#32 Book Nook Design

#33 Another One By Peter Söderlund

Written by Catherine

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