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A Private Island With Ancient Ruins Just Hit the Market in Ireland


How do you feel about going somewhere where the entire area is all yours? If this suggestion sounds pleasing to you, now you have the chance to buy this island located just two miles off the west coast of Ireland for only $1.4 million. The island’s name is High Island. It’s also known as Ardoileán in Irish

Located just 206 feet above sea level, the island offers a breathtaking scenery. Many wild birds like gulls, petrels, and peregrine falcons call High Island their home. Besides the astonishing landscape, the island is historically rich too. Around the 7th century, a monastery was built there. The ruins can be still seen even today. However, experts believe that people first settled in the island way before the 7th century. The pollen evidence in High Island indicates that first settlements appeared in the island around 3,000 years ago.

Now, Spencer Auctioneers, is selling the island. However, you have to keep in mind that there’s no electricity or running water in the island if you plan to buy it. Also, the monastery ruins on the island are owned by the Irish government. Oh, and make sure to leave some money aside to buy a boat or helicopter to reach the island whenever you want.

Surely, it can be a challenge to renovate High Island. However, once you fix everything there is to fix, you will be able to enjoy the mesmerizing landscape and find your inner peace in the relaxing surroundings.

HT: Mental Floss

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