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Abandoned Boat Sunk Under The Freezing Water of Antarctica

Lurking under the water’s surface, there is a wrecked Brazilian vessel waiting to be discovered. The 76-foot long Mar Sem Fim boat that was used for scientific and educational expeditions now lies alone somewhere under the freezing water of Antarctica.

The boat got trapped one day in ice in Maxwell Bay, King George Island, about 745 miles south of tip of South America. When that happened, there were four members on board who were filming a documentary around Antarctica.

Fortunately, the men were able to call for help when they saw that things were getting a bit out of hand. The Chilean naval base Antarctica received their call and after a couple of days, they were finally rescued.

Sadly, nothing could be done about the boat.

Mar Sem Fim was eventually crushed by the ice and sent under the water.

It remained there for about a year until it was brought back to the surface. However, as it was too damaged, the crew saw it useless to try and repair it once again.

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