Abandoned Manor Left Behind Has An Interesting Story To Tell

Bob Thissen is the lucky urban explorer who first came across this abandoned manor. Located deep in the woods of central France, this frozen in time property has quite an interesting story to tell.

Bob found this gorgeous 12-bedroom manor by pure accident. He expected to find an empty and barren interior. Instead, he found himself inside a spectacular environment where everything was perfectly placed in order. Despite being abandoned for quite a few years, it still looked as people actually lived there.

When Bob entered inside, he found the beds still made. The piano was uncovered as if waiting to play a melody. Newspapers were scattered carelessly across the tables. The cupboards were also stocked with various objects and liquids. There were only a few traces of the 21st century, as the small flat-screen TV. This is enough proof to know that the manor has been uninhabited for many years now.

Five years later after his first stumbling across this abandoned property, Bob returned to see its state again. He was extremely happy to see it exactly the way he had previously left it.

He believes the manor was abandoned around 2009. He is of the opinion that the manor has been so well-preserved because of its remote location. Since its located in a hidden field in the middle of the forest, not many have access to it.

“I guess elderly people lived here and died or moved to a senior home,” he told Caters. “They probably don’t have any children or heirs, or the heirs don’t know what to do with the giant villa.

Check the video below of Abandoned Manor

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Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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