Abandoned Royal Hotel On a Remote Japanese Island

Hachijo Royal Hotel was once one of the biggest hotels in Japan, drawing people to its remote island for beach vacations and relaxation. Today it lies in ruins. The abandoned hotel has not seen guests in over a decade, becoming overrun with moss and mildew.

The Hachijo Royal Hotel was built in 1963 and quickly flourished, becoming one of the largest in Japan.

The hotel officially closed in 2006, leaving behind everything to crumble in the heat.

A lot of the décor still remains in the exact location it was left over a decade ago.

The swimming pool was one of the main features of The Hachijo Royal Hotel.

The pool table still stands in the game room, the grand piano that used to entertain thousands of guests now remains untouched in the rotting hotel.

Hachijo Royal Hotel was decorated in a French baroque-style. Photo By NATALIA SOBANSKA

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Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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