Abandoned Ships and Planes from Around the World

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Do you like to visit places with a history? If you know how to snorkel, you could actually visit this incredible wreck in the Bahamas. Sitting about 10 feet below the surface lies one of the infamous cartel leader Pablo Escobar’s drug smuggling planes. In 1980 this Curtiss C-46 Commando military plane crashed while transporting drugs for Mr. Escobar. While on it’s way to the U. S. this WWII-era plane missed the runway and landed on a sand bank in shallow water. The “cargo” was quickly recovered before the plane was abandoned. The plane soon sank into the water and Escobar never made any attempt to recover it. It has been abandoned on the ocean floor ever since.

Source: reddit

Written by John Blackwood

Since he was old enough to hold a camera, John Blackwood has been taking pictures and video. One of his first jobs as an adult was a portrait photographer for a large studio. Since then he has traveled the world providing photos and video for major corporations and media outlets. He has worked with celebrities, athletes and world leaders for more than 2 decades. Still, he prefers the abandoned and forgotten places to capture in photographs. “These places are the history lesson we need to teach our children” he says.

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