Abandoned Virginia beauty that boosts emotional energy

Abandoned Virginia, All throughout the back roads of Virginia, there are many places that have been left behind, forgotten about, and abandon but within these places, I found beauty and emotional energy. Photographing these unique places gives me the opportunity to share my perspective with the world, and show people the way I see and feel things. There’s so much more than meets the eye, and these places of stories of their own.

There’s always something special about walking where families once gathered, imagining what their life consisted of, or the hardships they may have faced. Abandon places, houses, and cars hold so much history inside of them but their stories are often never told just solely looked over, which is why I love doing what I do. Traveling through the back roads and stumbling across whatever I may find is such a fulfilling feeling because you never know what you’re going to get, the history you’ll uncover, or just the simple beauty that still remains inside after the years it’s been left behind. Each picture has its own feeling, and story but everyone’s perspective of it can be different which is the beauty behind it all. One picture can create many emotions, but one house can hold all of the reasons why you thought of those emotions in the first place. So, for me personally this is what I gathered when I walked into this house.

These first two photographs spoke to me the moment I walked through the door. It was almost as if the house was still awaiting the return of the family that once lived there. There was this eerie feeling the air like the family could have left abruptly, leaving behind this desperate want for a loved one to come home. This house was so beautifully symmetrical and the way the light naturally shined in on each door frame creating the shadows you see above captivated all of my attention, I was literally speechless at how everything just aligned together. Photographing this abandoned beauty was by far one of my most memorable moments because they feel was unlike no other.

Located within the area of Bumpass Virginia sits this lovely home, awaiting the arrival of its family.

Abandoned Virginia Beauty

Meanwhile, the polar opposite of Bumpass Virginia, in Mechanicsville Virginia sits this endearing, haunted, energy-filled home. For years this was the one place I would go before I started traveling around. I found a sense of belonging in and at this home. It was the first house I photographed, had the courage to respectfully explore. There was and still is a unique beauty about this one. It was radiating this emotional sadness however that’s what made me love the home even more. As you can see in the picture here it almost looks as though it’s barricaded by trees and protected by things around it but yet it shines so hauntingly bright. This was what became the mystery house in my portfolio.

Venturing back around towards Bumpass / Montpelier Virginia a friend and I came across a farmhouse and behind that was practically heaven for abandon car hunters. We made an abrupt U-turn and drove down this long driveway, got out of the car, and somehow had the courage to ask if we could take pictures of his cars, and abandon house. As we expected to be told no, he said, of course, we both looked at each other for a second then decided to go for it without second-guessing ourselves. We first came to the house, it was massive and everything I couldn’t imagine from the roadside. Unfortunately, it was practically caved in on the inside so a nice outside shot was what I got, but it was still breathtaking to look at. After admiring the house stumbled upon the cars we also spotted. Cars. They are such storytellers and can explain so much about a person and the life they lived. The picture below I named “ I was on the run but you found a way to stop me”. I based that off of the picture itself, the way I see things, and the energy that was within the air.

In addition to this rust lord here, there were many other old cars left for time to take its course, and in each way, they all had different things to say.

Abandoned Virginia

Traveling through Virginia’s backroads to places unknown and capturing the moments most people casually drive-by is truly a rewarding lifestyle, it shows where we come from and where we are going.

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Written by Gabrielle Farell

Behind The Picture, Outside_Emotions started a year ago when I picked up my phone and started taking pictures of the things I found intriguing, beautifully broken, and had hidden emotions. It started off as a hobby by showing people the world through my own personal “eye”. However after I was gifted a camera the game changed, and I fell in love with the art of photography, editing, and the way you can bring out different emotions within each picture.
Throughout my gallery, you’ll find various styles of photography as I can not solely stick to one style. Each place I go has a different energy, people, and vibes so even if I tried to stick to one theme it’d be impossible, and not as fun.
Personally, photography to me is all about the feel of the area, the unseen moments' people pass by without second-guessing, and sharing your perspective with others.
This has become my outlet, passion, and the way I connect with the world. Hopefully, somewhere throughout my pictures, you’ll connect with something the same way I did, or not but that's the best part about it all, everyone sees things so differently.

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