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Abandoned Spaces is a community of passionate urban explorers and history lovers to roam the world in a quest to document, describe and publish everything forgotten, abandoned and stranded in time. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints is a global urban explorer moto which we embrace in earnest. We are here to witness and document, not to raid and destroy. Join our global community. Send images, documents, and articles and we will publish them, making a snapshot in time article by article, image by image and place by place.

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Amusement parks that have been abandoned are usually due to an underlying financial issue. This causes the park to close in the first place. Sometimes a park just doesn’t have the funds to continue operating. A natural disaster that insurance cannot fully cover may cause a smaller park to not be able to rebuild.



Experimental cures, locking people in cages or leaving them to fend for themselves because of low staffing and funds. It’s this treatment of patients that forced some of the hospitals to close their doors. That left only the ghost of the lost souls to roam the halls of these now-abandoned hospitals and asylums. Of course, any mental institution is bound to be emanating bad vibes. However, at the same time, one cannot help but be curious about stories they tell. It’s exactly this curiosity that drives adventurous people to discover more and more about these abandoned spaces.



Abandoned Mansions are everywhere around us. There is not a place in this world with no abandoned spaces. However, in recent times, abandoned mansions have drawn a great deal of attention. Many urbex explorers are so eager to know more about their stories that they dedicate all their life to exploring these abandoned spaces, such as abandoned mansions, amusement parks, and even hospitals. It may sound strange, but their contribution is essential for getting to know the story behind these deserted structures.



Around the world, there are several abandoned spaces. Everyone wants to explore abandoned places but only some people can do. People who enter inside abandoned places are known as urbex. Urbex is the exploration of structures. Photography and historical interest are heavily featured in abandonedspaces.co.Many urban explorers adhere to the philosophy of cave explorers and outdoors hikers: “Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints.

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