Artist Crafts Oversized Tissue Paper Flowers That Belong in a Candy-Colored Dreamscape

The world is full of talented, unique artists. Marianne Eriksen-Scott Hansen has the incredible talent of creating “paper couture” which are basically oversized tissue paper flowers. What Hansen does is trim paper to form beautiful petals and leaves. The result is absolutely stunning. The flowers look so dreamy!

In an interview with My Modern Met, she said: “I have rarely let myself be dictated by tradition or convention in my work with paper (or any given material).I work artistically and intuitively but with the foundation of a very wide and life-long crafts experience.It’s all in the hands so to speak. I want to enter into a dialogue with the material. Work my way into it. Exploring rather than ‘mere’ re-working and investigation. Seeing how far you can ‘stretch’ paper.”

In a way, she feels like she’s expressing the real beauty of nature through this process. She continues: “Numerous little individual parts that make up a whole, from cell to organism, micro to macro. Contrasts, symmetry, harmony. By my hand, the paper is returned to the organic material from which it originates. It is given the tactility and texture to resemble wood, plant parts, papyrus. I treat the paper firmly as it were rope, bark, branches. Or delicately like dried grass or porous petals.”

Marianne Eriksen-Scott Hansen: Website | Instagram

HT: My Modern Met

Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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