Artist Weaves Sticks And Branches Into Beautiful Fairy-Tale Houses

Admit it. You have tried at least once in your life to build something using the twigs and sticks lying around the yard. Surely, you had a great time doing this fun activity, but did you ever wonder what would happen if things were taken a bit further?

Patrick Dougherty is the North Carolina- based sculptor and installation artist who dared to take things further and does now create all sorts of complex structures using sticks, branches, and even saplings, twisting, weaving.

Throughout these past 30 years, he has created around 250 unique installations that look like they’ve come out of a fairy tale. Most of his pieces resemble rounded and knobbly huts.

Dougherty worked as a hospital administrator before he decided that he wanted to pursue it as a career. Eventually, he found inspiration in nature, and the rest was history.

He became fascinated by branches and sticks which took him back to old days of childhood and creativity.

“I think this ‘know how’ [of building with branches] is one that every human carries as a legacy from our hunting and gathering past,” Dougherty said in an interview.

Since his career change, he’s built and shown his artwork all around the world.

At first, he started to build small structures and then went to construct very large structures.

Now, his works are in all parts of the world. They all look beautiful, in all kinds of climates or seasons.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of the amazing structures that Dougherty has built!

Written by Catherine

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