Divers Uncover Ancient Temple Submerged Within The ‘Egyptian Atlantis’

Heracleion, the ancient Egyptian city, used to be a bustling trading port. Now, it stays around 148 feet under the Mediterranean Sea where divers have discovered something completely astonishing: the remains of a large temple under the sea and also great amount of coins and jewellery.

The person in charge for the first underwater exploration of Heracleion was Franc Goddio. Goddio, along with other archaeologists, believe that what they found were the stone columns from the city’s main temple called Amun Garp.

Meanwhile, the remarkable treasures show how thriving of a place it was and still is. During these expeditions, explorers have used a range of sophisticated scanning tools that can discern objects – both on the seabed floor and beneath it.

Thanks to these tools, the team was able to discover many new things that were a mystery up until that time. Besides the temples, the divers came across some bronze coins that dated back to the reign of King Ptolemy II (283 to 246 BCE). In addition, they found other jewellery, pottery and storage utensils.

The divers also made other discoveries at Canopus, another submerged city. There they found coins from the Ptolemaic and Byzantine eras, numerous rings and earrings from Ptolemaic times.

Recovered coins and jewellery. (Christoph Gerigk/Franck Goddio/Hilti Foundation)

“The objects recovered from the excavations illustrate the cities’ beauty and glory, the magnificence of their grand temples and the abundance of historic evidence. Colossal statues, inscriptions and architectural elements, jewellery and coins, ritual objects and ceramics – a civilisation frozen in time.” a project description on Goddio’s website states.

Now, Goddio are his team are planning to go on other expeditions as it’s believed that they have only revealed about 5 % of the city so far

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Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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