Dracula Parrots – The Most Gothic Birds On Earth

Gothic Dracula Parrot, Whenever we think of parrots, green, red, or blue-colored birds come to our minds. However, there is much more diversity than we might think. In fact, there are 393 unique species of them! Can you believe that?

With outstanding beauty and proud posture, these birds do really surprise us with their intelligence. However, there’s one bird of this kinda bit different from the others. It is Pesquet’s parrot.

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Pesquet’s parrot, or commonly known as Dracula parrot, is indeed one of the most majestic birds out there. 

Image credits: Mike Peel

They have black and grey chests, pitch-black beaks, and strokes of bright red feathers.

Image credits: Charles Davies

With a length of nearly 20 inches and a weight around 24-28 oz, this bird is utterly beautiful.

Gothic Dracula Parrot

Image credits: Shutterstock

Females and males don’t really differ from each other. Their only difference is that red patches are found behind the males’ ears. Gothic Dracula Parrot.

Image credits: shutterstock

They can only be found in the mountains of New Guinea. Also, they have a different way of moving from one place to another. Instead of climbing just like the rest of the parrots, they jumping instead. Gothic Dracula Parrot

Image credits: Greg Hume

They also have featherless faces, which is quite rare in parrots.

Image credits: Rüdiger Stehn

Sadly, they are slowly losing their habitats as they have become a target for local poachers.

Image credits: Flickr
Image credits: Flickr

People also hunt them for their feathers which are then used for multiple purposes such as, ceremonial dresses, meat, and cage bird trade.

Image credits: Jean

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has evaluated this fascinating parrot as Vulnerable.

Image credits: Linda De Volder

Here’s the video of how Gothic Dracula Parrot look like.

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