First-Ever Map of Titan Reveals That Saturn’s Moon Is a Lot Like Earth


Is there life on somewhere else other than our planet? This question has followed us generation generation, century after century and the answer to that question still remains unknown. However, it there’s life somewhere out there, maybe we should begin searching from Saturn’s moon, Titan. This moon is similar to our own home and scientists believe that the chances of discovering life there are very high. Thanks to Naturewe can now see how much much these places have in common with each other.

he NASA spacecraft Cassini performed more than 100 fly-bys of Saturn’s moon between 2004 and 2017. Titan is quite unique from the rest of the other moons in our solar system. It has clouds and a dense, weather-forming atmosphere that made it a bit harder to study from space. Cassini though managed to perfectly capture the moon’s landscape and let us all know what it looked like.

The first global geologic map of Titan.

NASA’s new map of Titan is published in the journal Nature Astronomy. From the map, it can be clearly seen that the moon’s surface is full of mountains, valleys, plains, sandy dunes, and even seas, lakes. So, it is the only other place besides Earth in the solar system that contains liquid. To be more specific, it is liquid methane.

Sadly, given the temperatures on the surface that go around -300°F, chances of finding life on Titan and slim. Maybe microbes can be found there but not anything more developed.

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