Holy Trinity Monastery Is The Breathtaking Piece Of History Worth Exploring!

We all know Greece is the place of natural wonders! The amazing beaches, the historic sites, the culture, the cuisine are among some of the things that make this country a fascinating one. Most of the people visit Greece for the crystal clear seas and the beautiful beaches it offers to visitors. However, somewhere above 400 meters higher than the sea level lies such a unique monastery. The chances are you’ve never seen one like that before as it definitely is one of a kind. The monastery we’re talking about is Holy Trinity. This monastery has a rich history of over 6 centuries and it offers a spectacular view of the surrounding area.

Holy Trinity is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the 24 Meteora monasteries of the central part of Greece. Now, you may be wondering, what does Meteora mean exactly?

In fact, Meteora, means “suspended in the air” in Greek. It is a rock formation of various cliffs, which are over 60 million years old.

The Holy Trinity provides its visitors a history rich with details and heroic moments. The first Holy location of this type dates back to the 11th century. Later on, John Uros, who used to be the emperor of Greeks, became a monk. He then rebuilt the monastery all over. He also built 23 other similar buildings. Nowadays, out of all the 24 monasteries, only 6 of them have monks present.

The architecture of the church is truly unique. It catches your attention immediately. Its form resembles a cross and it has the small chapel of St. John the Baptist carved into rock maintains. You can even notice small details in the carvings of the walls that tell a lot about art and history.

Even though it is such a breathtaking place, people didn’t really know about its existence. That all changed when 1981 James Bond Movie “For Your Eyes” featured it in a movie scene. After that, everyone became curious about this tiny, unique place somewhere in Greece. Then, Holy Trinity Monastery experienced a boom of visitors and it still continues to attract the attention of people from all over the world.

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Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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