Humpback Whale Carcass Mysteriously Discovered In The Amazon Jungle

Bicho D’agua Institute/Facebook

It’s a fact: the Amazon rainforest is full of life. Last week, wildlife experts came across a particular discovery that left them in awe. They found a carcass of a 10-ton humpback whale in the shrubbery of Brazil’s Marajó Island.

One theory suggested that the whale happened to get there during a storm. However, that raised some confusion, because they don’t exactly understand why it would be swimming off the Marajó coast at all.

Bicho D’agua Institute/Facebook

Now, marine specialists are examining the animal.  The local conservation group Bicho D’agua Institute suggests that the whale had already died before it was found around 50 feet from the shore.

“We’re still not sure how it landed here, but we’re guessing that the creature was floating close to the shore and the tide, which has been pretty considerable over the past few days, picked it up and threw it inland, into the mangrove. Along with this astonishing feat, we are baffled as to what a humpback whale is doing on the north coast of Brazil during February because this is a very unusual occurrence.” Project leader, Renata Emin, said.

“Depending on the state of decomposition, some information may already have been lost,” added Emin. “We are collecting as much information as we can get and identifying marks and wounds on its body to see if it was caught in a net or hit by a boat.”

Bicho D’agua Institute/Facebook

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