Hyperrealistic Paintings of Migrating Animals Carrying Tiny Ecosystems on Their Backs

Portland-based artist Lisa Ericson has a unique style and imagination. It’s these two that drive her to create surreal, nature-inspired animal paintings. Each one of her artwork depicts some fascinating combinations of plants and animals that seem to be travelling to somewhere special only they know about.

In a way, each scene looks like a tiny version of “Noah’s Ark.” Through her animal migration art, she also merges themes that are connected to human migration and the refugee crisis. In the Into the Dark piece, you can see a mother lemur perching on the white pelican with her children clung to her.

“I made Into the Dark in response to the horror of the policy of separating children from their parents at the U.S. border. Often when I work, I get lost in the technical aspects of painting—the color, seeing the image take shape brushstroke by brushstroke—but this subject matter was a little raw for me and I felt emotional about it all the way through.” Ericson states.

As you will see below, all her painting feature black backgrounds and too much emphasis is put on details and perfection.

Her art is simply jaw-dropping and so realistic. Check it out below!

Lisa Ericson: Website | Facebook | Instagram

HT: My Modern Met

Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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