Is that Paris? Or is it Tianducheng, the fake version of this romantic city?

Tiandechung is just a small town in the suburbs of Hangzhou, China. It didn’t exist until around 2007 when it was thought to have another copy of the romantic city, Paris.  Apart from the similar neighborhoods and streets, it even features an Eiffel Tower that’s 1/3 of the original Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was thought that by looking like the magnificent French city, a great amount of tourists would be attracted to this Asian town. Unfortunately, things didn’t really go as planned. From 10,000 residents that this town has had before, now it’s population is close to 0.

The only exciting thing that happens once in a while in this town is seeing just married couples occasionally shooting their wedding photoshoot on the lonely “Parisian” streets. Apart from that, there’s not much going on around this town. It’s likely that it will become completely abandoned in the future years as it doesn’t really have much to offer.
The fake Eiffel Tower lights up the night in Tianducheng

Written by Catherine

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