It Took 10 Years To Create The Tallest Bird Sculpture In The World (200ft)

If you ask any traveler which are some countries that they would love to visit at least once in their lifetime, India is definitely among those countries. From the extraordinary cuisine to the astonishing traditions and history, India is definitely a place worth exploring. Now, there’s another reason to visit this mind-blowing place: the statue of an eagle that brings an old myth back to life.
It took the famous Indian artist Rajiv Anchal 10 years of hard work to open this unique landmark to the public.

Image credits: Jatayu Earth’s Center

The statue is located near Kerala, Jatayu Earth Centre. Ever since its opening, it has become one of the places worth visiting in India.

The sculpture was created solely as a dedication to the Hindu epic Ramayana.

Image credits: Jonny Melon

The Ramayana epic is written in Sanskrit. It tells a story of a giant eagle of the Ramayana who fell while fighting against Ravana, to save a Hindu goddess, Sita.

This sculpture in India is currently the biggest and most fascinating sculpture of a bird all over the world.

Image credits: Team Jatayu

The sculpture isn’t the only interesting thing in the area though. You can do other activities there such as rock climbing, rappelling, paintball, and rifle shooting.

Image credits: Withlai

With a height of 200 feet from tail to head, this bird sculpture is one of the most majestic sights you’ll ever come across.

Image credits: Team Jatayu

Rajiv Anchal, the author of the sculpture, says he had thought about this sculpture for longer than 10 years.“I had presented a model for this sculpture to the Department of Tourism during my Fine Arts College days in the 1980s. Although they were impressed, it didn’t take shape back then.”

Image credits: Kerala Tourism

He also puts emphasis on the idea that the monument is a cultural and not a religious one. He says, “Jatayu died protecting a woman’s honor and that is what the sculpture stands for. People of all faiths have invested in the project and people of all faiths will be coming to see it. My work is for all of them. For those looking for religion, there is the old temple just outside the compound.”

Image credits: Team Jatayu

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