Land Artist Surprises Beach Goers By Leaving Striking Stone Arrangements Along the Coast

Jon Foreman is a land artist who likes to arrange stones in some captivating formations on the beach. What he does is indeed pleasing.

“This process is therapy to me. The simple act of placing stone upon stone in the sand is very therapeutic. I’m sure we all enjoy a walk on the beach but this process I find to be more immersive; being there in nature, losing myself in the work, having left behind all the stresses of day to day life.” Foreman reveals.

Foreman lives in Pembrokeshire, Wales. When asked about the area, he stated that the beaches were truly exceptional. On average, he spends around 4 hours there to create his masterpieces. Sometimes, he already knows what he’s going to create. Most of the times, though, he comes up with ideas when he’s at the beach. It seems intimidating to most of us to work without a plan beforehand. Foreman, on the other hand, finds pleasing in this aspect as it gives him more possibilities to experiment.

When asked about the stones, he said: “There are so many ways of working with stone; the color, the size, the shape the angle it is placed, the direction it faces, endless possibilities. Although stone isn’t my only material of choice, it is currently my favorite as it presents so many different opportunities.”

You might be wondering: Why does he spend so much time on something that will eventually disappear. Foreman has an answer to that: “I create using material that is made from that environment for that environment. The tide washes it all back to the tide line, and I come back the next day with an empty canvas to work with. People often ask if it bothers me that the work has to disappear eventually. To that, I say: not at all. If anything the fact that it’s short-lived makes it more special to me.”

Jon Foreman: Website | Instagram | Facebook 

HT: My Modern Met

Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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