Learn How to Start a Podcast From the Ground Up for Under $50


Do you feel like starting your own podcast? This Start-to-Finish Guide to Launching a Successful Podcast might be just the thing you need. Of course, it takes years of experience to produce a gripping show that listeners look forward to. However, with this nine-course lesson plan you get to learn everything from writing and formatting your podcast, to editing and marketing it under $50 now.

This course begins by teaching you how and what kind of microphone to use, which is the right hosting plan and many other tips regarding the best professional apps you might use in this hobby/passion of yours.

Besides the podcast-related stuff, the course is also perfect for your presentation and public speaking abilities. It includes various exercises, examples and template so you can better improve yourself. Surely, it can be a bit intimidating to put your ideas out into the world, but it’s necessary in order to achieve success and come with authentic and creative content. Once you succeed in injecting your own personality into your unique podcasts, then you have already achieved forming a connection between you and the audience.

After gaining all the necessary knowledge, you will be be able to dive into the world of editing with the Music Production in Logic Pro X: Audio Mixing for Podcasts course.

If you’re planning on taking this course, make sure to let us know about your experience!

HT: Mental Floss

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Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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