Magnificent Mansion Abandoned in France Abandoned since 1970

Mansion Abandoned in France is waiting for you, but it is closed and access is through the patio door to the terrace facing the garden, which is on the left in the photo, behind the bushes.

A large intact mirror adorns the reception room downstairs. It is surrounded by carved wood and colorful mosaics.

The large main staircase, all in wood, will allow you to visit all the floors while keeping an eye on the outside thanks to its numerous windows.

And here is the famous Colimaçon Blanc, which is actually the service staircase. Its concrete steps are directly embedded in the walls. The ramp is made up of a multitude of columns covered with small white tiles.

This service staircase serves all floors and has, at the top, a dome which acts as a skylight.

A small reading room…

Mansion Abandoned in France

Facing the park, several terraces allow you to get some fresh air, to see yourself and to talk to each other from the outside.

The spiral dome is yellow and dirty, which gives a golden light at the top of the stairs.

At the top of the grand staircase, pointed windows light the last steps.

The structure of the keep is a small work of art as we often see in old buildings.

Back in the park, you will discover a well that is gradually nibbled by a tree that has grown far too close.

The main entrance to the park, its low wall, and its gates are hidden by the many trees and shrubs that have grown with certain anarchy. You will also find, under the trees to the right of the photo, the remains of a pleasure pool that was visible from the south facade of the manor.

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Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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