Man Turns Abandoned Milwaukee Shopping Mall Into Winter Wonderland For 100 Kids

Casey Neistat is a YouTube star from Milwaukee. He did something utterly beautiful to the abandoned Milwaukee Shopping Mall, transforming it into a winter wonderland for 100 kids.

In an interview, Casey said: “All I could see was all of my childhood fantasies manifesting,”

Ever since its closing in 2003, the Milwaukee Shopping Mall was completely empty with broken glass, empty food courts and eerie, boarded-up doors. Casey brought this place all back to life.

He partnered with Samsung and took the decision to surprise 100 children from the Boys and Girls Club of Great Milwaukee. So, what he basically wanted to do was to gift them electronics so they could actually see how much things they can achieve with digital media. To gift them these gadgets, he was looking for a space. Then, his mind went to the abandoned Milwaukee Shopping Mall.

“It just turns out that Milwaukee happens to have a fantastic, huge, empty shopping mall,” recalled Casey.

Casey and Paul Leys of Samsung gifted the 100 kids all these digital electronics so they could get creative and come up with some great projects of theirs.

“The reason we bring people like Casey and all these different creators here is because they’re who kids look up to, and their message to these kids — and our message to kids, equally — is that you can be just like these creators. All you need is a phone,” said Paul.

When asked about this transformation, Casey said:  “I see it as an opportunity, and an opportunity to sort of elevate young kids and let them know that now, because of technology, they’re empowered in ways that they’ve never been empowered before,”

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Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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