Photographer Captures Frozen Waves of Colorado Lake Looking Like Glass Dunes

Eric Gross is a talented, Colorado-based landscape photographer. His profession has allowed him to see incredible places all over North America. However, his first visit to the breathtaking lake in his own backyard has got to be on top of his list.

While he was walking along the snow-covered Rocky Mountains, he faced something utterly unexpected: icy waves were reflecting the landscape on their sleek surface.

“Unplanned and unprepared, the only way I could shoot at truly ground level was to lie on the wavy ice and use any soft materials available (gloves, hat) to support and solidify the camera for multiple shots with varying focal planes that enable focus stacking to create an image with sharp focus from six inches away to infinity. With only minor practice in this skill, it was a challenge whose results are visually stunning.” Gross reveals.

Gross was stunned by the beauty of the scene, returning to the lake over and over again and capturing it day after day until the snow finally melted. At least, he got the chance to capture that frozen-in-time moment of the smooth waves, showing once more how beautiful nature is.

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HT: My Modern Met

Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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