Photographer Captures Magical Photos of the Same Cherry Tree in Four Different Seasons

Jozef Morgoš is a Slovakian photographer who lives in the central Slovakian region of Turiec. He absolutely loves to take a walk at sunrise while drinking his coffee. Each morning, his walk ends when he reached his favorite landscape with the beautiful cherry tree.

In a way, the cherry tree has become his muse, inspiring him to capture beautiful shots. In fact, anyone who visits this place can’t help but capture the perfect moment of serenity combined with a picturesque landscape. Morgoš has had the chance to visit it many days and months in a row.

One day, when he looked in his archive, he noticed that he had actually created a stunning photo series of the cherry tree. And the result is absolutely breathtaking! His images capture the evolution of the tree across four seasons.

You can see from the pictures below how the tree slowly begins to lose its leaves, leaving the just the bare branches. Even the surrounding environment looks magical.

We invite you to check the tree’s evolution below. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Jozef Morgoš: Website | Facebook | 500px

HT: My Modern Met

Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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