Take A Ghost Walk Through Jerome, The Most Haunted Small Town In Arizona

Jerome is the most haunted small town in Arizona. So much activity with the paranormal is recorded there that now there are also ghost tours available in this town. If you like the idea of ghost hunting, then this experience is just the one for you. If you don’t consider yourself brave enough, we suggest you stay away from the haunted Jerome as it’s definitely not the right place for you.

Jerome is a washed-up mining community whose population is about 500 residents. It has quite a tragic history in fact. Anyways, it’s now more common for the Jerome Ghost Town Tours that give you the chance to become a ghost hunter for one day. With this tour, you visit the most paranormal active spots along with your ghost hunting equipment.

Jerome is now a very quiet town. However, years ago, it was full of activity which means that many people have died there.


So many years have passed and the town doesn’t look the same anymore. However, there are some aspects of this town that haven’t really changed at all.

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Jerome Ghost Town Tours vary slightly from each other, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be offered a unique perspective. It’s for sure that once you leave Jerome, you will mark that day as one of your most exciting ones ever.

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Jerome Grand Hotel is the main location you will see on your tour. This one used to serve as a hospital where more than 9,000 lost their lives. Overnight guests there report that they hear many strange noises at night. Some claim to have heard the sound of a baby crying. Some others believe that there’s a woman shouting in their rooms. Some others seem to have heard a spectral cat wandering the halls.

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Another spooky location in Jerome is the Old Miners Cemetery. This one dates to around 1900. It is believed that vengeful spirits can be seen and heard there during nighttime. It sounds scary, doesn’t it?


Regarding the ghost hunting equipment you will receive, there’s definitely an EMF meter and EVP equipment to let nothing go unnoticed during your tour.

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If you feel like you need a drink during the tour, you have the chance to stop at the quirky Spirit Room. This bar basically celebrates Halloween 365 days a year. It’s indeed a nice place to calm yourself after the shocking experience.

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