Temple Reappears After Many Years Because Of Drought In The Area

Drought in Mexico Reveals Ruins of Beautiful 16th Century Church

The ruins of a beautiful 16th-century church have emerged again from the depths of a Mexican reservoir. That’s the second time in 13 years. Drought has caused water levels to fall and as a result, make the church reappear. The Nezahualcóyotl reservoir’s water level had fallen by around 25 meters. That was enough for the Temple of Santiago, or Temple of Quechula to show its majestic appearance again. This temple used to be a place of worship that got lost to the waters in 1966. It all happened when the nearby dam was constructed and the reservoir flooded.

The first time the church was revealed, in 2002, the reservoir’s water level had fallen so much that people had the possibility to enter the church and explore every inch of it.  Even now they’re still able to explore it using simple boats provided by the local fishermen.

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Temple Reappears After Many Years

Temple Reappears

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Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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