The beautiful Abandoned Château Secession

Living room. Author: Cristian Lipovan |
Author: Cristian Lipovan |

The Chateau Secession, the abandoned castle with stunning surroundings, has been famous among lovers of abandoned places in France for quite some time now. The impressive building was so popular that it kept drawing the attention of urban explorers from all over the world.

Apart from the castle, there was also a small Italian-style chapel located nearby that was surrounded by a moat.

Author: Cristian Lipovan |

The astonishing castle was built in the 12th century in Le Quesnel is northern France. It belonged to the wealthy Quesnel family. However, during that time, the castle looked nothing like it does today…

Around four centuries after its construction, when the Thirty Years’ War took place, the place burned down. Then, in 1751, the castle was rebuilt from scratch by Jean Baptiste Le Fort. It consisted of only one floor. After that, in 1853, a new floor and pavilion were added to the building as well.

Author: Cristian Lipovan |

Then the World Was I happened. The castle was bombed by the Allies at that time. After the war, it was repaired and restored by the new heir to the castle who passed it onto his daughter, the Countess of Lussac.

The Countess lived at the castle until the outbreak of World War II. After the war, she abandoned the castle for numerous reasons and left everything behind.

The castle remained completely empty until 1985. That year, a Parisian lawyer bought the property. Then, in the late 1990s, the castle collapsed and became once again abandoned.

Author: Cristian Lipovan |

The story of this castle hasn’t finished yet. In December 2017, a sudden fire broke out, destroying most of the things inside. Now, there is just a ruined castle in that site, with slight evidence that it has actually existed.

At least, there are many pictures that show us what the castle looked like before the fire. As you can see from the pictures below, there are paintings of the lawyer and his wife on the walls. There are abandoned chairs, beds, bookshelves, cupboards, tables as if the residents have just suddenly walked out one day.

Author: Cristian Lipovan |
Billiards. Author: Cristian Lipovan |
Dust all over the building. Author: Cristian Lipovan |
The corridor. Author: Cristian Lipovan |
Castle’s famous staircase. Author: Cristian Lipovan |
Living room. Author: Cristian Lipovan |

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