The Chateau Cinderella – Abandoned Mansion of Luxury

The Chateau Cinderella is differently known as the Castle of Cense au Bois. It is a beautiful abandoned mansion located in the city of Mons in Belgium.

A glorious 15-hectare-park surrounds the mansion, making it look even more stunning. The park is quite maintained so it gives the whole area a different, calmer feeling. Nearby the chateau, there are also many restaurants and stores so it can’t be said that the mansion is located in a secluded area.

As you can see from the picture, the chateau is incredibly luxurious with its elegant carpet and expensive furniture. According to evidence, the Chateau Cinderella was built during the 1860s after the French Revolution. A wealthy family resided there until 1984. Then, it became abandoned. In 1999, the Chateau Cinderella became the Castle of Cense au Bois.

The restaurant in the structure got the name The Gray Osciètre. The restaurant was quite high-class too. You could find extensive wine lists and delicious meals offered there.

In addition, it had an exquisite interior that looked absolutely comfortable to suitable for a night out. However, its prices were too high, so it wasn’t affordable by everyone.

In this hotel, there were 10 hotel rooms with private bathrooms in total. They were all gorgeous and had their own individual fireplaces and windows with the spectacular view. Unfortunately, it all came to an end in 2005 when it was fully closed. However, some squatters made this place their temporary home after 2005.

Talk of renovations and re-purposing have come and gone through out the years. As the castle falls into greater stages of decay the risk versus reward grows. The most recent events were in 2014 that planned to make a Wellness Center but permits and more prevented this from occurring in 2016.

There have been many plans to renovate the stunning castle. However, they’ve all come and gone throughout the years. As a result, the building is slowly falling into decay.

You can find the abandoned Chateau Cinderella with these coordinates. 50.486759, 3.946597.

Photographs © Marian Smeets

Images 10 and 11 from Google.

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Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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