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Chateau de Bazoches in Burgundy, France built in the 12th century

Chateau de Bazoches, built in the 12th century and whose illustrious visitors included Richard the Lionheart. The Chateau de Bazoches was later remodeled by Maréchal Vauban and there are wonderful views from its elevated hillside setting. Château of Bazoches is a 12th-century feudal château that was adopted in 1675 by Marshall de Vauban, Louis XIV’s great engineer, and the unrivaled master of sieges and 17th-century architecture.

Chateau de Bazoches

This grand Burgundian Chateau de Bazoches dates back to the 12th century when it was first built on the site of an old Roman outpost looking over the Morvan hills. Its elegant interiors are largely preserved from the 17th century, reflecting the tastes of King Louis XIV’s refined courtiers. However, its most famous owner was far from an aestheticist.

Owner Story – Chateau de Bazoches

This owner was Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban, a Marshal of France in the late 17th century. Vauban was an engineer and strategist of his time. He was a pioneer in the development of lots of things that help the country. Following his success in the siege of Maastricht in 1675, he was awarded a considerable amount of money by King Louis XIV, with which he purchased the château and its estates near his childhood home, St-Léger-Vauban.

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