The luxurious Hotel del Salto or La Casa del Salto del Tequendama in San Antonio del Tequendama, Colombia is one of the most popular spots for visitors to Bogota. Built-in 1923 as a residential mansion, this hotel hasn’t stopped attracting tourists from all over the world.

In the 20s century, this hotel was considered a symbol of joy and pure elegance. With high windows and grand decor, the hotel displayed a divine French architecture that amazes you with its beauty.

Tequendama Falls Hotel overlooking Tequendama Falls.

The building didn’t function as a hotel until 1929. This year, an addition was built to the building, making it suitable for welcoming wealthy travelers from all over the world. The hotel was quite successful and many people booked their rooms there while they were in the Tequendama Falls area. All of this great success made the hotel operate for over 60 years.

Hotel Del Salto

Tequendama Falls Hotel before renovations.
Situated just opposite to the waterfall and on the edge of the cliff, it provided a breathtaking view for its guests.

In July 1950, the managers thought to reconstruct the building into an eighteen-floor hotel…That reconstruction never happened though. Hotel Del Salto continued on for some more years as it was until it became too damaged to operate due to the polluted Bogota River.

Because of the pollution in the area, visitors gradually lost interest and the hotel lost its spark. As a result, around 1990, the hotel closed its doors forever. It became completely abandoned ever since.

The base of the Tequendama Falls Hotel. Hotel Del Salto
The hotel closed down in the early 90s, thought to be linked to contaminated river water.

Tragically, it has also been the scene of several suicides. A number of people have chosen this spot to end their lives willingly. It’s not for sure what drew them to this exact location, but after what has happened, many believe that the hotel is now haunted.

There is a legend circling around the area that the indigenous Muisca Indians used to frequently jump from Tequendama Falls in order to avoid capture by Spanish conquerors. As the legend says, while falling, they would transform into eagles and fly away. Maybe, it’s this story that convinced the broken-hearted people to jump from the hill and simply wanted to escape reality. Hopefully, they’re all in a better place now.

After Spanish colonization, the falls drew Muisca people who opted for the decidedly poetic end of jumping to their deaths instead of a life of slavery.

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