The Jal Mahal Palace Is Likely To Make You Fall In Love With Its Elegant Appearance

It is likely that most people haven’t heard of Jaipur or its man-made wonder knows as the Water Palace. However, it only takes a small glance at the Man Sagar Lake to fall in love with this palace. Jal Mahal is the Palace that gets stuck at your mind and becomes an unforgettable sight.

Jal Mahal is a large dimension palace. Traditional architectural and painting patterns of the Indian culture were used for its design. Jal Mahal stands proud right in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. The Aravalli hills Range surround this lake and give it a more elegant vibe. The symmetrical building has one floor which reflects in the water so beautifully. The entire area gives visitors a spectacular view that remains for long in their memories. Especially at night, this Palace becomes ten times more attractive and relaxing for the eye. However, the beautiful appearance isn’t everything this place has in store for you!

The Jal Mahal palace has exactly 4 secret floors under the water. They are just as fascinating as the floor that is visible above the water. It was initially built for those who used to hunt in the area. Since they had no place to go, the Jal Mahal became their home away from home during certain seasons. However, the Jal Mahal palace wasn’t built underwater. During the years when hunters used it as their house, the water levels were steady. They rarely increased; only when in rained for a couple of days in a row. Even then, nothing too big happened.

That’s the story of Jal Mahal until the 18th century. During that century, the king of Amer decided to build a dam in the area that could prevent any flood. That’s all it took and the palace’s floors slowly went underwater. Nowadays, Jal Mahal is a very popular tourist attraction. Visitors who want to get a better look at can visit the palace using boats. These boats even match the appearance of the building!

Jal Mahal is definitely a place worth exploring. It is one of the most well preserved Indian sites that truly tells a lot about the country’s culture. There are so many things you can discover for this country’s culture just by observing the Jal Mahal!

Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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