There Is A Secret Graffiti-Covered Abandoned Bridge Hidden In North Florida

The Sunshine State is full of unbelievable & unique places to visit, especially for those who are willing to take the path less traveled. Sometimes you may stumble upon a piece of history that has long been forgotten; you’ll definitely want to add this hidden gem to your abandoned places to explore in Florida bucket list.

Suwanee Springs Bridge, or what many visitors now call “The Bridge To Nowhere,” is tucked away in a wooded area off of a quiet street in Live Oak, Florida, and you’re not going to want to forget your camera for this trippy road tripper’s dream.*

Owned by the state, the bridge was completed in 1931 by Austin Brothers Bridge Co., serving as the main roadway for many years. The bridge was later abandoned for an updated bridge bypass in 1971, closing forever to vehicular traffic.*


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The bridge still stands today, restricted to only pedestrian and bike traffic. The rusted steel beams still hold strong, and the once barren bridge is now full of graffiti, creating a surreal vibe that is uniquely beautiful.

Some visitors have made their mark with words or initials, while others have done sprayed drawings of their favorite video game characters, like Kirby.


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While you won’t be able to drive across this bridge, it’s still super cool to check out. You can end up with some of the most gorgeous photos of this rad runway that’s somehow still full of life despite being left to ruin — not to mention the stunning sights of the Suwanee River that come with it.


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If you plan to make a road trip to visit “The Bridge To Nowhere”, you might as well make it a weekend to camp out and enjoy the beautiful bits of nature surrounding the Suwanee River.

You can stay in a super unique and affordable glamping Airbnb cabin nearby that gives you some of the best river views. If you’re looking for something different, you can settle yourself about an hour and a half out by camping at Fanning Springs State Park, where the spring water is clear as day and has the most gorgeous turquoise hues. We spy a weekend getaway with the BFFs in our future!


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It’s best to visit the bridge in the daytime, so you can see all the art that people have poured onto the pavement. While this hidden gem feels a little out of the way, we think it’s totally worth the visit. We’re marking the calendar for our next Abandoned Florida Adventure!

An overview and coordinates to find this bridge can be seen below.

Suwanee River Bridge — Abandoned Bridge To Nowhere*
Price: Free, bonus river views!

Address: 3061-3077 93rd Dr. Live Oak, FL 32060 or coordinates 30°23’43.3″N 82°56’09.2″W

Why You Need To Go: A weirdly beautiful hidden gem that has been long forgotten. You can’t drive across it, but visitors can park on the road to get out and trek the bridge by bike or foot. Bonus stunning Suwanee River views on top of a trippy road trippin’ pit stop.

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Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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