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These Huge Abandoned Castles Are Up For Sale

There exist many marvelous abandoned castles all across the globe. Some of them remain as historic buildings, while some others are up for sale to anyone who’s interested in them.

Scroll down below to see some huge abandoned castles up for sale that you can be the future owner of!

Artmark Historical Estate

This castle is located on a rocky hill above the River Guil in the Hautes-Alpes department in southeastern France. It was originally built in 1265 to protect the valley from invaders. With a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and the most fresh air you can ever get, the fort is up for sale on the market for £2.1 million ($2.7m)

Kinney Smith

You can access the chateau by a drawbridge. Around the castle, there can also be found a soldier barracks, storehouses, arms depots, a bakery, hospital, and even a chapel.

Regarding the history of the chateau, it has been the scene of many battles. During WWII, it even became a base for the Chasseurs Alpins

Overall, the chateau is in good condition, although there are some parts of it that need renovations, the insides of it included too.

Kinney Smith

This castle in Hesse, Germany used to be a grand, magical place. Sadly, as it was left abandoned for many years, it gradually fell apart.

It’s built in the 13th century and isn’t exactly in good conditions. Maybe that’s the reason why it’s only £295,000 ($383k) on the market.

Vermittlung historischer Immobilien OHG

It has medieval towers and many large rooms. A moat and former defense walls surround the entire castle too. The insides of it need a lot of renovations as many of the walls are crumbled, making it uninhabitable.  In addition, it also needs plumbing and electrics for you to live there comfortably.

Vermittlung historischer Immobilien OHG

Elda Castle is located in New York’s Westchester County. It was built by David Thomas Abercrombie in the late 1920s. As it has been abandoned for many years, nature has slowly taken over this castle that was once home to a big family.


Now, the 4,337 square foot castle is up for sale for £2.7 million ($3.5m).  Elda Castle features arched doorways, a cast-iron spiral staircase, bespoke leaded windows, and an outdoor fireplace. It has 25 rooms in total, each of them with a different style.

Once it’s renovated, the castle would be perfect for living.

Podčetrtek Castle, Štajerska, Slovenia: £311,000 ($400k)

Podčetrtek Castle sits in the town of Podčetrtek near the border of Croatia in the province of Štajerska. It was initially built in 1261 and renovated in 1874. Now, it costs £311,000 ($400k).to become the newest owner of this castle.


The building has a Baroque-style renovation and you can still see its grand posture even if it has fallen into a state of disrepair.


This majestic 50-bedroom castle is located in the province of Pichincha in Ecuador. It’s currently on the market for £6.1 million ($8m).

Prestige Property

The castle is truly a unique and magical one that surely makes you feel like you’re living a movie.

Prestige Property

What do you think of these castles up for sale? Would you like to be their owner?


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