These Photographs Show The True Beauty Of Maine Coons

Cat lovers absolutely love to win over new cats or dedicate all their free time to them. In a way, cats are their rescuers that improve their mood immediately. According to science, just looking at pictures of cute animals actually brightens your day let alone interacting with them. Now, to brighten up your day, we suggest you scroll down below to see some beautiful photos of Maine Coons.

In case you don’t know, Maine Coons are a borderline-mythical animal that looks like it belongs in the wild but is in fact a domestic cat. And they’re incredibly huge!

The Maine Coon series below are provided to us by the talented photographer Robert Sijka. We hope they make up your day!

Instagram | @robert_sijka

Male Maine Coons weigh up to 18 pounds and they look so big! They also range in colors and markings, making them extremely unique.

Instagram | @robert_sijka

And, of course, they can get inquisitive too. Well, just like every other cat.

Instagram | @robert_sijka

When they’re only kittens, their body is about as big as other adult cats. But they look definitely cuter and sweeter, don’t they?

Instagram | @robert_sijka

Then, they gradually grow and start to behave like royalty themselves.

Instagram | @robert_sijka

They are related to lions, so it’s no wonder that they somewhat look like miniature lions.

Instagram | @robert_sijka

Some of these cats do even have that lynx earthing, which shows how similar they are to their wild family members.

Instagram | @robert_sijka

And their eyes are simply captivating!

Instagram | @robert_sijka

They seem a bit intimidating, but in fact, they’re extremely friendly!

Instagram | @robert_sijka

They even come with bonus toes sometimes. Isn’t that awesome?

Instagram | @robert_sijka

Now, you may take your time to aww at this adorable picture!

Instagram | @robert_sijka

Now, tell us: Did they brighten up your day with all their cuteness?

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Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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