This 102-Year-Old Ship in Sydney Has Become An Astonishing Floating Forest

Ever heard about Homebush Bay in Sydney? The place that makes your heart skip a beat? The place when many impressive, abandoned, 20th-century ships have ended up? If you haven’t, then be prepared to get awestruck by this particular ship that is located in this bay.

SS Ayrfield is one of the abandoned ships that gives the most astonishing sight of a lush flora that’s growing in its rusted hull.  All the mangrove trees that found a place to grow in this 102-year-old, the 1,140-tonne ship gave the fascinating ship the name “Floating Forest”. If you check all the photographs online, it sure does look like one!

SS Ayrfield has quite an interesting story to tell also. This ship served as a collier on the sixty-miler run between Newcastle and Sydney. It would mainly transport supplies to American troops in the Pacific Ocean. It 1972, the old ship was brought to the Bay so that it could be dismantled. However, at the time, the bay was no longer a shipwreck yard. For this reason, the SS Ayrfield and all the other ships that were used during World War II were left as they were in the bay. It didn’t take soon for nature to claim these structures, though.

SS Ayrfield is definitely a sight worth seeing! Below you can see some photos of this mesmerizing Floating Forest.

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Image credits: AndyBrii
Image credits: Bruce Hood
Image credits: evangelique
Image credits: Steve Dorman
Image credits: Rodney Campbell
Image credits: Bruce Hood

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