This Abandoned Airport Has Been Left Untouched Since 1974

This footage captured within the abandoned Cyprus airport by the filmmaker Bob Thissen will give you some serious chills.

The Dutch adventurer recently went to Nicosia International Airport. He wanted to feature it in his  YouTube channel. This Airport used to be quite a busy one. Well, that was until it was bombed in 1974 following a military uprising. After that, it’s only been a buffer zone and has been left to rot.

The whole area of this abandoned airport is surrounded by barbed wire. It actually gives you the idea that it’s frozen in time. Many things of this buffer zone haven’t been touched by man for about 4 decades. Bullet holes and shattered glass, as well as abandoned airplanes and terminal chairs, are covered in bird droppings.

This zone is quite an attraction for urban explorers who want to find as much as they can about it, whether it be legally or illegally. More and more of these adventurous spirits take the risk to find out what it looks like and hopefully catch anything interesting on their cameras

Check the video below to see more of this frozen in time abandoned airport.

Exploring the Unbeaten Path YT
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Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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