This eerie natural phenomenon is hungrily swallowing an entire city!

Recently, an extremely strange phenomenon has occurred in this small city in Albania. Something similar to a tornado showed up in the sky out of nowhere and started drawing the water of the sea up. Meanwhile, a scary sound was coming from the sea where the water was constantly leaving.

The people were all terrified by what was happening. Everyone started rushing as far away from the “tornado” as possible. They had felt utterly in fear for their lives.

Meanwhile, a brave man from the city where the “tornado” was seen, managed to capture some shots of this phenomenon and share it online.

He says, ‘There’s something like an air current that’s been sucking water from the sea for quite some time now. There’s also a scratchy noise that I don’t understand where it’s coming from. People are fearing for their lives. We’ve never seen such thing before.’

Captured in the area of Saranda and Igumenica of Albania, these pictures surely show a mysterious phenomenon whose appearance still remains a mystery.

Written by Catherine

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