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This Half Dead City of Georgia Is Definitely A Sight To See!

Chiatura is a small, isolated city in the mountainous region of Georgia. This city has caught the attention of many travelers and photographers. One of these numerous people who have been left awestruck by this city is Pavel Morozov. This traveler was so impressed by Chiatura that he spent several days there. He did so solely to explore more about this half-dead city.

Chiatura is actually a city of miners. It still has a functioning and broken funiculars that date back from the 1950s. You can still feel the Soviet atmosphere present in this city. Just by looking at the ruined and empty streets is enough to give you that feeling.

The government and the community thought that Chiatura would become a thriving city in the future. The city had huge reserves of ore and manganese that would help it become quite popular and important. Unfortunately, things didn’t go that way. Chiatura now is nothing more than an isolated, yet interesting to look at the city…



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Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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