This Magical Village With No Roads At All Is Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale Book

If the place of your dreams is a small, quiet, magical place, then Giethoorn is the right place to live your own fairy tale. Known differently as “Venice of the Netherlands”, this enchanting village was found around 1230. Ever since then, it has become the epitome of paradise on Earth.

Giethoorn is a village with no roads or any modern transportation whatsoever. It has canals only. (And 176 bridges too). When tourists come to visit the place, they have to leave their cars outside of the village and travel around by foot or by boat. Giethoorn is such a unique, peaceful place that even its website says that “the loudest sound you can normally hear is the quacking of a duck or the noise made by other birds”. It’s definitely a magical place that looks like it’s out of a storybook.

Giethoorn is a village with no roads at all.

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It has only canals.

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“Whisper boats”, which have noiseless engines, are the most common mode of transportation in this village.

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In Giethoorn, peace dominates everywhere.

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Well, unless it’s not flooded with tourists who become fascinated by this small village.

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The village has another name too: “The Venice of the Netherlands”.

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Numerous peat deposits were found there at first. So, the inhabitants have dug many holes over the years.

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Eventually, these holes turned into beautiful lakes.

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176 bridges were built to connect the small islands of the village.

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The village eventually got a fairy tale touch that takes your breath away…

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