This Town’s Walmart Was ABANDONED, Amazing Transformation Of This Walmart Store In Texas!

It is a matter of fact that Walmart is the largest company in the world with 11,438 gigantic stores with an average size of 105,000 square feet! Incredible, isn’t it? What’s even more incredible, there are countless Walmart stores across the U.S. that have been long abandoned. Most of them now do nothing but take up an enormous amount of wasted space.

However, this is not the case for the store we are talking about. When Walmart in McAllen, Texas closed down, the local people decided to do something about the now-vacant building. They all took the great decision of transforming it into a public library that would be available for all of them. After some renovations, the largest single-floor public library in America was built.

With an area of 123,000 square feet, this library is simply every bookworm’s dream!
Abandoned Walmart

With vibrant colors and a super friendly vibe, this library is absolutely the right spot to escape from reality now and then.

The transformation of the building into the awesome library that it is now happened in 2011. In total, this library has: 14 public study rooms, 16 public meeting spaces, 10 computer labs for children, 64 public computer labs, and 2 genealogy computer labs.

Apart from all the study areas and computer labs that it offers, there’s also an art gallery, cafe, auditorium, self-check out stations, and a used book store inside the building.

As if that were not enough, the library has an extraordinary landscape too!

As you may know, Texas is already quite famous for its big ranches, big hair, big appetites and now a big library that’s quite fascinating too!

Would you like to check out this great transformation in the future?
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