This Woman Transforms An Abandoned Lighthouse Into A Fascinating 3-Bedroom Home

We’re often used to seeing lighthouses play a central role in various books and movies. It cannot be put into words, but there’s something that makes these structures extremely imposing, especially during the night when they light up the water around.

Sheila Consaul is a woman who took up the opportunity to renovate a lighthouse and transform it into a terrific summer home. As soon as she heard that the government was auctioning off lighthouses, she bought Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Lighthouse and started immediately to renovate it.

At the time of purchase, Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Lighthouse was 92 years old and it cost Sheila $71,000 in total.

Ever since 2011, Sheila has been adding more and more things to her lighthouse in Painesville Township in Ohio. She has added additional bedrooms, a kitchen, and even power from an electric generator. The only struggle she faced while renovating it was the distance from the closest parking lot. Because this distance was a half-mile, Sheila had to bring all the large items like the appliances and generator by boat.

Now, the lighthouse is a beautiful five-story house, with three bedrooms where 10 people can sleep comfortably. What’s even more fascinating, this lighthouse faces the beautiful Lake Erie’s coastline that literally takes your breath away.

Sheila is absolutely content with what she has done to the lighthouse. However, since the house is remote, water can be a problem. She actually uses a composting toilet and showers every time. In an interview, she expresses: “I never could’ve predicted it would be this difficult to get running water when you’re sitting in the middle of a lake,”

If you are a fan of this kind of beautiful transformations, let us know in the comments what you think about this one!

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