Urban Exploration

Urban exploration is known as urbex. It is the exploration of manmade structures. These are usually abandoned ruins or hidden components of the manmade environment. Photography and historical documentation are heavily featured in AbandonedSpaces.co. Urban exploration is also a hobby for lots of people who are keen on exploration.

The activity presents various risks. These risks include both physical dangers and if done illegally, there exists the possibility of arrest and punishment too.

Abandoned Places

Ventures into abandoned places are perhaps the most common example of urban exploration. Many sites are entered first by locals and may have graffiti or other kinds of vandalism. There are other ones which are better preserved. Although targets of exploration vary from one country to another, high-profile abandonments include amusement parks, grain elevators, factories, power plants, missile silos, fallout shelters, hospitals, asylums, schools, poor houses, and sanatoriums.

Many explorers find decay of uninhabited space profoundly beautiful. Some of them are also proficient freelance photographers and content creators who document what they see.
Abandoned places are also popular among historians, preservationists, architects, archaeologists, industrial archaeologists, and ghost hunters.


The rise in urban exploration’s popularity can be attributed to increased media attention. Recent Urban Explorers have packaged the hobby for a popular audience. Lots of urbex have chosen our site to be featured.

Exploration & Documentation
People explore abandoned places such as Abandoned Amusement Parks, abandoned spaces, abandoned hospitals, abandoned castles, etc. We give the possibility to featured in our 2 million followers.

Methods for documenting
Some urban explorers use head-cams such as GoPro or other helmet cameras for videos.

Some also use quadcopter drones for exploration and recording.

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