Wild Bobcat Makes This Huge Leap Over The River Seem Effortless And The Video Goes Viral

Bobcats are nocturnal. For this reason, we don’t usually see them in daylight. However, this one is an exception.

In Pecan Island, Louisiana, a bobcat leaping across the weir was impressively captured on camera. In the video, the feline can be seen composing himself right before the jump and doing just a single move to get to the other side.

His effortless travel has rendered people from all over the world speechless. Some of them even have a great desire now to try his travel at home. In case you’re one of them, be careful! It may seem easy, but it’s actually dangerous!

The person who recorded the video grabbed his phone as soon as he saw the feline. And he has done quite a great job at capturing that spectacular moment, hasn’t he?


HT: Bored Panda

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Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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