Parisian woman With Her Cat Inside Her Herb Garden 1910s

This lovely young Parisian woman is enjoying a serene moment in her lush garden in 1910 France. Her companions are her fluffy faithful feline and her caged bird. Keeping songbirds as pets is a hobby as old as the ancient Sumerians, but small home aviaries became a status symbol in the 1800s and early 1900s. Likely, this young lady enjoyed the company of her birds as a way to connect with nature. Interestingly, her garden contains several cannabis plants. It could be that the unique leaves and vibrant foliage were sought after as a garden plant. Or it could be that the young woman or her family were utilizing the medicinal properties of the herb plant to treat any one of a number of ailments.

Parisian woman

via History Cool Kids.

Before publishing this photo, SteampunkTendecies did some investigation.
We noticed that the newspaper on the knee was Le Mirroir, a weekly photographic newspaper devoted to World War I. By enlarging the newspaper we can see that this is the edition of Sunday, August 15, 1915. We can, therefore, deduce that this photo was taken that day or after.

Parisian woman reading Weekly newspaper

They found a photo of the cover of this edition.

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Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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