You Can Buy An Entire Scottish Island For $350,000

If you’re tired of the busy, noisy daily life, moving to this private Scottish island with no neighbors at all might be the thing you need in your life.

Linga is the tiny island that’s located in the Shetland Islands in the North Sea between Scotland and Norway. It recently hit the auction block the auction block at a starting bid of £250,000 — or about $350,000 USD.

According to its listing with Vladi Private Islands, Linga offers “spectacular scenery and beauty with an abundance of wildlife.”

However, that may be a little over the top. As it’s very tiny, there’s not much to look at. Well, unless you count some sheep and two cottages as enough to look.

The scenery, on the other hand, is absolutely spectacular and worth buying the island. There may be power, running water or internet on the island, but the scenery makes up for the lack of these necessities in our daily life.

Now, Linga will further develop into an eco-tourism destination as it will be added a pier, a third cottage and wind and solar power generators.

Meanwhile, as a visitor, you can also take part in fishing and traditional crofting activities, per its project description

Inside Scottish Island

One of the two dilapidated cottages that remain on Linga. | via Vladi Private Islands

Linga has been completely uninhabited by humans for over 80 years now. However, it’s not too far removed from civilization.

Now, it you want to make this island yours, we suggest you move fast as there’s a lot of interest in it by numerous people.

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