You Can’t Help But Smile At These Pics Of Fuzzy Bumblebee Butts

We think it’s time for a dose of cuteness for all of you. And bumblebee butts are going to be the ones who will absolutely melt your heart today with their adorable figures. You will see that they are simply so cute!

Bumblebees feed on the nectar of flowers just like their honeybee cousins. When they nuzzle between the petals, the flower’s pollen gets trapped in their hair. And this is how pollination occurs.

In contrast to their honeybee cousins, the bumblebee is, in fact, larger, rounder, and has much more hair.

Just look at the picture of this bumblebee! Doesn’t that scream cuteness overload?

Instagram | @elleandluflowers

There are times when they fall asleep with their bums in the air. That has got to be one of the most adorable views one can see in his entire life!

So what do you think about these bumblebee butts? Did they manage to make you feel better by their cuteness?

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Written by Ketrin Ulbrich

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